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Wind Mills

ModelarDB for
Big and Fast Energy Time-Series Data 

Why ModelarDB

Manage millisecond sensor data economically

Run analytics on both real-time and historical data

Save up to 99% on storage

Scalable edge-cloud solution for industrial IoT 

Open source with paid enterprise features and support

ModelarDB for Wind and Solar Farms


High Frequency Datasets

Store and use all available sensor data with high frequency, e.g., 10, 50 or 100Hz

Support efficient analytics on historical data

Support real-time analytics

Monitor Details

Collect data across all turbines and parks

All sensor data is collected and transferred automatically

Enable Insight

Enable the use of high frequency data to detect problems 
such as Yaw Misalignment, Blade Pitch Position, and PV Panel Soiling

Cost Savings

Save up to 99% on storage over Apache Parquet


Developers use ModelarDB for


Reduce storage costs by compressing petabytes of time series data efficiently and effectively. The data can be compressed losslessly or within a user-defined error bound.

Python Library

Read and write compressed time-series data directly in Python. The data can be stored in ModelarDB or in files, and analyzed standard Python tools such as Jupyter, Pandas, and PyTorch.

Time-series DB

Run ModelarDB as a full-fledged time-series database with SQL support.

Data is collected on the edge (e.g., wind turbines), compressed, and continuously transferred to the cloud from where all data can be queried.

Edge-Cloud Integration



About Us

  • ModelarData is a Danish company, founded in 2018. We are offering innovative, data-driven solutions and services to efficiently store and analyse huge volumes of highfrequency sensor data in the wind and solar energy sector.

  • ModelarData is a leading-edge supplier on open-source data management solutions on large data volumes and techniques to summarise time series data.

  • ModelarData works closely with customers and partners to jointly develop solutions that have a positive impact on energy costs and support sustainable development.

  • ModelarData is an internationally recognised company empowering innovative and integrated solutions that meet next-generation demand for efficiency.

  • ModelarData is committed to provide customers with the best solutions and services to create a more energyefficient, environment-friendly and sustainable world.

  • ModelarData turns the words of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into action by providing and implementing smart solutions to reduce waste of energy and resources.



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